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Welcome to Classetta! (\klasze-tə\)

Get Started

  1. Click the [+] Button on the left column to add a new Class.
  2. Use the Editor tab to build a class!
    Give it a name, ancestors, Interfaces, Methods and Members!
  3. Use the language tabs to see how the class looks like in each language!

Alternatively, load one of the demo Classes:


I've alway found it difficult to remember the particulars of each language I work in. Though I enjoy many different languages I can sometimes go weeks or months between usage depending on my projects and workload. I decided to make this little demo to compare the differences in class architecture across the languages I frequent.

Though it’s typically easy to remember the details after a brief refresher I wanted to make this interactive demo both as an exercise for myself and as a tool to help others learn. Perhaps you’ve never worked in C# or Ruby before? Just make a class with the editor and see how it would be written by a .NET wizard or a Rubyist.

As I learn new languages, I wish to update this project, so stay tuned! You can find out more about me and my adventures on


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